Monday, July 27, 2015

Cameras, anchors, doggies, mermaids and...the Rebellion!

I had a busy week of nails! So many manis, so much cute! 
 This mani/pedi is modeled by the lovely Jane. It really couldn't have turned out any better! 
 I used, TruGel Marshmallow, ASP Blue Crush, Gelish Meet the King, Gelish All that glitters is gold, and Gelish Black shadow. I stamped the hearts with Konad and hand painted the cameras. 

This next one was so fun because not only did I get to do a way cute mani, I also had a nice long chat with my good friend Christy who I haven't seen in a long time. 
For this one, I used Gelish After Dark, Gelish I'm brighter than you, Gelish Night Shimmer, Gelish Waterfield and TruGel Marshmallow. All the art is hand painted. 

This are my nails this week. I was REALLY TIRED so I skipped the nail art and just went for a classic pink mani. I kinda love a one color manicure every so often. I find it visually relaxing. I used Finger Paints Passion for P-Ink.
The ring was a gift from my sister. Its a wiener dog, if you cant tell, because I LOVE my looooong dog and everything that has anything to do with them. 
 He's the cutest thing to ever live! 

 Next we have Ariel's Little Mermaid nails, Modeled by the lovely and talented Emma who was headed to a California Beach Vaca and for sure needed mermaid fingers! 
I used Gelish Radience is my middle name underneath Gelish Just what I wanted for the green, ASP Cutie Coral and TruGel Just Peachy for the rest. 

My final manicure today is this totally amazing Star Wars Mani. I love Star Wars but I will admit that I was not previously familiar with these two symbals. The red is for the Rebellion (think Princess Leia) and the black one is for the Empire (Darth Vader). I think the other nails speak for themselves!
 A huge thanks to Megan and her very pretty fingers for the chance to try something new! 
 I used: TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish Black Shadow, Gelish Waterfield, and little touches of some other colors for the nail art. 

Thanks for reading,

See you Monday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July Make-up post (of a million manicures)

I have not posted to this blog in FOREVER! July is a busy month! 
So, without further ado, here is what I've been up to!
This lovely neutral ballet French Tip Mani is modeled by my very good friend Wendy. It was done using OPI Did you ear about Van Gogh? and OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy

These next three pictures are crappy because I took them with my phone but the nails are so pretty I didn't want anyone to miss them :)
So here is one of my favorite manis ever, modeled by the wonderful Melissa. 
For this I used Gelish Cashmere Kind of Gal, TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish Gossip Girl and various shades of regular polish to complete the roses and leaves. 

And another crap picture, this one is my nails while I was on vacation. 
I used, Gelish Black Shadow, Gelish Gossip Girl, TruGel Marshmallow, and RCM Staycation. 

 How pretty are these???? 
 I think this is my new favorite summer color. Its so pretty and bright and is such a bright pop of purple-i-ness! 
I may not have done any nail art on these, but I did do a matching mani/pedi so I think that counts for something!
For this I used Gelish's Anime-Zing Color. LOVE!!!

I did these this afternoon on my friend Andrea and I really really love how they turned out. So understated and beautiful. I especially love the white accent nail! 
 For this I used, Gelish Mint of Spring, Gelish Kiss me I'm a Prince and TruGel Marshmallow. 
And an itty bitty brush!

 These gorgeous glitter fade and camera nails are modeled by the adorable Emma! 
I used Finger Paints Appetite for the Archetype and TruGel Marshmallow. I also used my stash of glitter and used my itty bitty brush again. 

I got into the glitter again for this one! plus Gelish Pink Smoothie and a bit of Gelish Arctic Freeze.

Ok, when I said all those other mani's were my favorite, I was just kidding because THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE! 
 My Good friend Kasey is wearing these fantastic nails and really, they couldn't be any cuter. 
I used ASP Blue Crush, Gelish Meet the King, Gelish All that Glitters is Gold and TruGel Marshmallow. Then I stamped some hearts on with Konad's black polish. 

 These cute hands belong to my favorite 6 year old, my sweet daughter. She wanted me to try out this cool stained glass technique and she has been sooo careful with them ever since. 

 And finally, the last manicure of this very very long post...
My mom's vacation nails! 
 How cool is that? I got this idea from Sierrasnails_ on Instagram and I can truthfully say that this mani got more compliments than any I've ever done. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy July 4th!!!

YAY for holidays and YAY for pictures! 
(This post has a million!)
Thanks to the lovely Jessica for lending me her hands for this fun stars and stripes mani. 
I used FingerPaints Modern Motif, TruGel Marshmallow and Gelish Hot Rod Red. All the art is handpainted! 

One of may favorites things to do? Mini Manis! 
Thanks to Shauna and her "Mini" for letting me have so much fun with this wild and crazy patriotic mani. 
The main colors used here are the usual suspects. TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish Hot Rod Red and Gelish After Dark. I also used Gelish Night Shimmer topped with some fun glitters that we thought looked a bit like sparks from a firework. I love how fun these turned out! 

And another Mom and Mini Mani! 
This time my sister Candi and her Sassy Roxanne who knew exactly what she wanted. Ice cream and bananas of course! 
I've been wanting to try this manicure for a while and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Plus I super love how Candi's jewelry makes it even cooler. I have a cool sister. Be jealous. 
I used: TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish Hot Rod Red and Gelish Ocean Wave. Then I stamped with some Konad white and added white sparkly glitter to the white nail. 

And here is my most flag-like manicure, modeled by my wonderful mother, Susan, with the help of glassybaby. She had really nice big nails and she lets me do whatever I want to them. So nice! 
I do love how these turned out even if they do make me giggle a little at how bright and flag-y they are. I used Gelish Ocean Wave and Gelish Hot Rod Red and then stamped them with Konad White. Pretty simple actually. 

And the last of the patriotic manicures is modeled by my good friend Kasey. Pretty, cool and fun. Just like Kasey! 
I used Gelish Hot Rod Red, Gelish After Dark, Gelish Night Shimmer, Gelish Arctic Freeze and Gelish Waterfield. 

Thanks for Reading, 

See you Monday!