Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy July 4th!!!

YAY for holidays and YAY for pictures! 
(This post has a million!)
Thanks to the lovely Jessica for lending me her hands for this fun stars and stripes mani. 
I used FingerPaints Modern Motif, TruGel Marshmallow and Gelish Hot Rod Red. All the art is handpainted! 

One of may favorites things to do? Mini Manis! 
Thanks to Shauna and her "Mini" for letting me have so much fun with this wild and crazy patriotic mani. 
The main colors used here are the usual suspects. TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish Hot Rod Red and Gelish After Dark. I also used Gelish Night Shimmer topped with some fun glitters that we thought looked a bit like sparks from a firework. I love how fun these turned out! 

And another Mom and Mini Mani! 
This time my sister Candi and her Sassy Roxanne who knew exactly what she wanted. Ice cream and bananas of course! 
I've been wanting to try this manicure for a while and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Plus I super love how Candi's jewelry makes it even cooler. I have a cool sister. Be jealous. 
I used: TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish Hot Rod Red and Gelish Ocean Wave. Then I stamped with some Konad white and added white sparkly glitter to the white nail. 

And here is my most flag-like manicure, modeled by my wonderful mother, Susan, with the help of glassybaby. She had really nice big nails and she lets me do whatever I want to them. So nice! 
I do love how these turned out even if they do make me giggle a little at how bright and flag-y they are. I used Gelish Ocean Wave and Gelish Hot Rod Red and then stamped them with Konad White. Pretty simple actually. 

And the last of the patriotic manicures is modeled by my good friend Kasey. Pretty, cool and fun. Just like Kasey! 
I used Gelish Hot Rod Red, Gelish After Dark, Gelish Night Shimmer, Gelish Arctic Freeze and Gelish Waterfield. 

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See you Monday!

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