Friday, June 26, 2015

July is coming...are you ready???

 We are!!!

And there's still time to come get your nails done before the holiday weekend. 
Come over! 

I've been doing a bunch of Independence Day Nails lately. They're so fun! 
Here's the first one:

Nautical Nails!!!
I'm not the best hand painter, but these were super fun to do! 
Thanks to lovely Andrea, for sharing her hands with me for a couple hours! 
I used: Gelish Arctic Freeze and Finger Paints Modern Motif. Thats it! 

This is what I'm wearing right now and I'm loving them! I've been wanting to try this mani for a while now and I can definitely say I'll be doing this one again!
Just don't look too closely at my right hand flowers as they look less like flowers and more like stuff I studied in biology class. 
I used: TruGel Marshmallow, Red Carpet Love Those Baby Blues, Gelish Hot Rod Red and Gelish After Dark. And a dotting tool. 

Flag Nails! 
Whats more patriotic than stars and stripes? I love how this one turned out. And it wasn't really all that much nail art either! 
How pretty is this picture? Two of my favorite things, nail art and glassybaby
I used: TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish Hot Rod Red and Gelish After Dark. 

Little Girl Mani/Pedi!

This is my little girl. She's pretty happy with herself!

My little boy, not so happy. 

And finally, my sparkly red white and blue fingers and toes. 
A pretty simple Mani/Pedi. The only fun thing here is the glitter fade, which is always a hit. 
 I used: Gelish Hot Rod Red, Gelish After Dark, Gelish Night Shimmer, Gelish Waterfield and TruGel Marshmallow. 

Thanks for Reading, 

See you Monday!

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