Monday, June 1, 2015


Sometimes a mani turns out way more fantastic than I imagined. 
Today is one of those days! 
First, I painted the nails using Gelish's Arctic Freeze, Gossip Girl and Go Girl. Pretty simple so far. I then used a dotting tool to paint the polka dot nails using Go Girl on top of the Gossip Girl nails and top coated it. Then the real fun started! 
Scroll down to see a tutorial of how I did everything. 

 Here are my trusty tools. I've tried quite a few different brands of stampers, scrapers and polishes but the best is always Konad. Thank you Amazon! 

As far as stamping plates go, I love all the brands I've tried. I buy them on Amazon, Etsy, straight from the companies...they're all great. The two I used today are Mash-75 and Winstonia 118.

 To make the large strawberry, I quickly blob on some green and hot pink stamping polish and scrape it off before it dries. 
After that its pretty simple to just pick up the image with a rubber stamper and apply it to the nail. 
(If you've never tried nail stamping, there are about a bazillion YouTube videos you can watch)

Now for the strawberry print nails! 

The pattern on the plate is just a simple outline, which would have been pretty cute, but I thought I could do a little better than that. 

 Once the stamp dries on the stamper, I used a teeny tiny brush to color it in with the two polish colors I already used on the large strawberry. It doesn't need to be totally perfect but theres no hurry either.
 Next I used a basic topcoat (don't use anything fancy or the image might be too stiff to use) to generously cover the entire image and let dry completely. 
 Then I carefully used a pair of tweezers to lift up all the edges.
And then lift it off and place it face down on the nail and cover with topcoat. It needed a bit of cleanup around the edges but that's no big deal. 

Thanks Mom! Love you! 

See you Monday!


  1. Natalie your nails are amazing!! I love your blog!!!

  2. Thanks Melissa! You have to come over next time you're in town!