Monday, June 8, 2015

Shut Up and Do Your Nails with Me!

I know you've heard the song, but have you seen how adorable this guy is in the video? 
Because he is 100% THE CUTEST. Just Shut Up and Watch it already. 

I started with a cute multi color mani. One of my favorites just as is. 
I used: Gelish Make You Blink Pink, Gelish I'm Brighter than You, Orly Glow Stick, Gelish Amazon Flirt, and Finger Paints Appetite for the Archetype.
For the next step I put Scotch tape diagonally across each nail. 
I actually don't need it on the green nail but I forgot what I was doing for a little while. It happens. 
Then I stamped the swirl pattern using white Konad polish and peeled the tape off. Perfect!
Again, its so cute I really could have left it here...but I didn't. Oh, and I always make sure to clean up the messy edges BEFORE I top coat. Otherwise you can end up with a sealed in, permanent mess.
And the final touch? Guitars and music notes of course! 
Who wouldn't want an all neon 80's music mani this summer? NO ONE!!!
And a BIG thank you to my lovely nail model, Emma. Beautiful hands and a beautiful girl!

Thanks for reading, 

See you Monday! 

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