Thursday, June 25, 2015

What do YOU do in the summertime?

This is a big post. Lots of cute here. 

What do we do in the summer time? 

Eat Watermelon!

For the watermelon mani, I use Gelish's Amazon Flirt and Shake it til you Samba. I also used EZflow TruGel's Marshmallow. To make the watermelons, first I painted the nails with two coats of white, then handpainted all the artwork. And it turned out so cute!!!

Next summer time activity? Go on dates!
 (I dont know why we need tribal nails, I just like them) 

For this mani, I used Gelish's Shake it til you Samba and Black Shadow, ASP's Blue Crush, and EZflow TruGel's Marshmallow.

I love these nails so much. I LOVE short nails! 

For this beach mani/pedi, I used Gelish Make you Blink Pink and I'm Brighter Than You, and ASP Blue Crush. Then I stamped gold chevrons and geometric patterns. Yay!

We grow roses! 

And for this GORGEOUS mani, I used Gelish's Go Girl and Radiance is my Middle Name. Then I stamped the white lattices and painted the roses on. I'll paint roses on pretty much anything!

And more flowers!

For this flower mani, I used Gelish Gossip Girl, A Mint of Spring and Waterfield and EZflow TruGel Marshmallow. A little handpainting, a little glitter fade and its a perfectly summer mani! 

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See you Monday!

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