Friday, June 26, 2015

July is coming...are you ready???

 We are!!!

And there's still time to come get your nails done before the holiday weekend. 
Come over! 

I've been doing a bunch of Independence Day Nails lately. They're so fun! 
Here's the first one:

Nautical Nails!!!
I'm not the best hand painter, but these were super fun to do! 
Thanks to lovely Andrea, for sharing her hands with me for a couple hours! 
I used: Gelish Arctic Freeze and Finger Paints Modern Motif. Thats it! 

This is what I'm wearing right now and I'm loving them! I've been wanting to try this mani for a while now and I can definitely say I'll be doing this one again!
Just don't look too closely at my right hand flowers as they look less like flowers and more like stuff I studied in biology class. 
I used: TruGel Marshmallow, Red Carpet Love Those Baby Blues, Gelish Hot Rod Red and Gelish After Dark. And a dotting tool. 

Flag Nails! 
Whats more patriotic than stars and stripes? I love how this one turned out. And it wasn't really all that much nail art either! 
How pretty is this picture? Two of my favorite things, nail art and glassybaby
I used: TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish Hot Rod Red and Gelish After Dark. 

Little Girl Mani/Pedi!

This is my little girl. She's pretty happy with herself!

My little boy, not so happy. 

And finally, my sparkly red white and blue fingers and toes. 
A pretty simple Mani/Pedi. The only fun thing here is the glitter fade, which is always a hit. 
 I used: Gelish Hot Rod Red, Gelish After Dark, Gelish Night Shimmer, Gelish Waterfield and TruGel Marshmallow. 

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See you Monday!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

What do YOU do in the summertime?

This is a big post. Lots of cute here. 

What do we do in the summer time? 

Eat Watermelon!

For the watermelon mani, I use Gelish's Amazon Flirt and Shake it til you Samba. I also used EZflow TruGel's Marshmallow. To make the watermelons, first I painted the nails with two coats of white, then handpainted all the artwork. And it turned out so cute!!!

Next summer time activity? Go on dates!
 (I dont know why we need tribal nails, I just like them) 

For this mani, I used Gelish's Shake it til you Samba and Black Shadow, ASP's Blue Crush, and EZflow TruGel's Marshmallow.

I love these nails so much. I LOVE short nails! 

For this beach mani/pedi, I used Gelish Make you Blink Pink and I'm Brighter Than You, and ASP Blue Crush. Then I stamped gold chevrons and geometric patterns. Yay!

We grow roses! 

And for this GORGEOUS mani, I used Gelish's Go Girl and Radiance is my Middle Name. Then I stamped the white lattices and painted the roses on. I'll paint roses on pretty much anything!

And more flowers!

For this flower mani, I used Gelish Gossip Girl, A Mint of Spring and Waterfield and EZflow TruGel Marshmallow. A little handpainting, a little glitter fade and its a perfectly summer mani! 

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See you Monday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jurassic Nails!

Some of you may already know this, but I'm a bit of a science nerd. I studied geology in college and my very favorite job ever was in the paleontology lab. Sure, the fossils I was working with were all very small invertebrates that no one has ever heard of, but they lived at the same time as the big guys so...close enough!

I LOVE Jurassic park. The movie, the book, the scientific inaccuracies (Cretaceous Park anyone?) all of it. Love it. 
Kinda like this. 

So, naturally, I had to dedicate a mani to Jurassic World. I mean...

So without further ado (or nonsense) I give you, JURASSIC NAILS!!!
I started with a nice white base mani. 
I really like EZflow's TruGel Marshmallow for painting the nails white. I find its a lot thinner than Gelish's Arctic Freeze and is easier to get perfect. Now, for artwork or french tips, I use Gelish for sure. 

The next step is to get the color fade effect. I couldn't decide between the red/orange/yellow fade or the purple/blue/green so naturally, I did both. This tehnique is cool by itself, in any color and with any type of artwork on top. You can use gel polish on gels or regular polish on regular polish. Whatever you have is fine. Try it! 
 Just paint thin strips of overlapping colors on a makeup sponge and daub on your nails until you like it. 

And again!

If you're using gels, make sure to clean the excess around your nail off before you cure it! 
I used two coats of both to get good color saturation. 
I love when they glow in the LED light!

After i get the color where I like it, I do a top coat layer and then even more fun begins! Here is the stamping plates I used. There are actually quite a few dino plates out there right now. Why? I have no idea. 

How fun is that? My 10 year old son was very impressed :)

As a bonus, the Hogle Zoo is having a speial ZOORASSIC PARK event right now with a bunch of animatronic dinosaurs all over the zoo. Its pretty cool. 

And here is our fun Mother/Son Jurassic World date. We even sat in the D-Box seats that move with the movie.  
So much fun!

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See you Monday! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Upgraded Navy

One of my favorite colors right now is navy. Clothes, shoes, handbags, nail polish...its all great. 
Here are my nails painted with Gelish After Dark. A great color! I used 3 thin coats for a really lovely result. 
My sister (sisters are always so kind) then told me it was boring, and too dark for summer. I disagreed... but I figured I could brighten them up a bit anyway. 
 So I handpainted a couple fireworks and a lot of glitter (Gelish Vegas Nights).
 It is summertime afterall! 
They don't look much like actual fireworks, but I think they get the point across. 

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See you Monday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hearts and Rainbows!

What's better than hearts and rainbows? Glittery hearts and rainbows! Yay! 
But seriously, between the hearts, rainbows, glitter and puffy clouds, this was one of the funnest manis I've done.
My artistic strengths certainly do not lie in hand painting so don't look too closely at the details, just soak in the whole affect, ok? My good friend, Anadine was very patient and trusting to let me do this. Thank you! 
I used: Gelish Vegas Nights, Gelish Simple Sheer, and Gelish Arctic White. 

Thanks for Reading!

See you Monday