Monday, August 31, 2015

Fall is Here!!!

And everyone knows that fall = football! 
My sister may be the nicest mom ever. These nails are all about her very own (not so little) #24. 
And I was even able to find a football! 
For this Mani, I used Gelish Want to Cuddle?, Gelish After Dark, Gelish Vegas Nights, TruGel Marshmallow, and a bit of Gelish Lady in Red. Team colors are navy and marooon. We can't all be as cute as the Seahawks I guess. 

For my start of fall nails I really wanted to try an Ikat pattern. I've been seeing it everywhere (scarves, decorative pillows, phone cases) so it was kinda in my head and I think it turned out pretty ok, myabe I'll try again but with some different colors next time. 
I used: Gelish Black Shadow, TruGel Marshmallow, and little bits of RCM Staycation and Gelish Shake it til you Samba. 

 My mom wasn't quite ready to let go of her bright summer nails so we went all out for this one. It kinda looks like neon confetti. Super fun to do and I could even tone it down a bit if I absolutely had to. Maybe. 
 Neon Confetti Diet Coke Party!!!
I used: Gelish Amazon Flirt, Finger Paints Passion for Pink, ASP Ego, Finger Paints Appetite for the Archetype, TruGel Marshmallow and a few other colors for the dots. Way fun! 

My last mani for this post is this lovely fall sweater design. I LOVE how it turned out and I can't wait to do variations of this all fall and winter. How cute would this be in oranges? In Christmas colors? Yay!
These nails are on the lovely Nita, who I adore and can't wait to see again soon. 
 I used: Gelish Want to Cuddle? TruGel Marshmallow and Gelish Meet the King. 
Pretty simple! 

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See you Monday!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to school and Dr. Who!

My little girl started first grade last week. She was SOOOO exited! So we figured we better do some nails to celebrate. 
So we decided on a fun red apple theme. 
For my nails, I used Gelish Hot Rod Red, and TruGel Marshmallow. 
for hers I had a regular polish red that was pretty close and a regular white as well. mine are gelpolish, hers are just nail polish but I think they match pretty well anyway. 

And here is another back to school design. I LOVE how this one turned out! But which is your favorite, the notebook paper? Chalk board? Apple? Ruler? 

For this, I used Gelish Hot Rod Red, Gelish Black Shadow, TruGel Marshmallow, and ASP Sparkler. For the art work I used all gelpolish in whatever colors I could find. 

Aren't they adorable???

Dr. Who Nails!!!
You may not be able to tell, but yes, that is a time vortex you're seeing. 
With a mini Tardis. 
I used, Gelish After Dark, Gelish Ocean Wave, Gelish Arctic Freeze and Gelish Casmere Kind of Gal. to create the time vortex, I used a tutorial for tie dye nails that seemed pretty close. 

For this last manicure I took a million pictures and they all turned out so pretty that I just had to post them all. 
And also, THAT RING!!!
So Pretty!!!
For this Manicure, I used Gelish Gossip Girl (favorite color!) and then a touch of Gelish Pink Smoothie and Gelish Artic Freeze. 

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See you Monday!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

French Tips, Rhinestones, Glitter and HOT PINK!

 Don't you wish that was describing just one manicure?!? 
I know I do!

This was a fun nails week. from basic, to complex I really love all these manis. 
The first is on the lovely Kim, whose nails probably even look great after 3 hours of gardening with no gloves. But still, I may have helped a little ;)
For this standard French Manicure, I used Gelish Arctic Freeze and Simple Sheer. Always classy. 

 These nails are a little more complex but I love how they turned out. AND she let me use rhinestones! Yahoo! 
For this Mani, I used Gelish Party at the palace (love!) and Gelish Arctic Freeze. 
I hand painted the lace and dots and topped it off with some extra sparkle. Courtney has lovely nails so it was pretty easy to make this look fantastico!

It was really hard to get a decent picture of this lovely ivory and gold mani. The camera just doesn't do justice to how pretty it turned out.
I used OPI My Vampire is Buff, Gelish Meet the King, Gelish All that Glitters is Gold and some old grocery store gold polish that stamps really well.
While it looks intricate, stamping is actually one of the quicker nail art techniques. And I think it was perfect for this manicure. 
I should have named this post "Pretty Hands and Nails" because seriously, look how nice her nails are! Thanks Andrea!

 Last but not least is my mom's mani for the week. HOT PINK! What a fantastic end of summer color! 
Sometimes we just need to go bold! 
I used TruGel EZ Flow Electric Purple for this. 
When you go in the sun, this color has the faintest sparkle to it that really gives it something extra. I'm LOVING it!

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See You Monday!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Two weddings and a Birthday

If there is one time to have your nails done, it is defo for your wedding pictures. The wedding too is probably important, but come! 
I did this lovely feminine French Mani on a bride about to have her Bridal pics taken. I love weddings, I love brides, I love all of it. And I wish her and her lucky groom all the best of everything!
I started with just a basic French Manicure using Gelish Arctic Freeze and Gelish Simple Sheer, then I added some very delicate white stamps to give it a little something extra. 
As a special bonus, she has beautiful hands and naturally strong healthy nails that were super fun to paint! 

This next mani is also for a wedding, and even though its not for the bride, its still a big deal! Looking nice at weddings is fun! and how cute is the little gold lace on the ring finger??? I kinda want to do that on all my nails now! 
I used TruGel Marshmallow, and then hand painted the gold lace and added a tiny bit of matching glitter that I piked up at Hobby Lobby. It looks a little messy but you know how glitter is. It'll brush off. 

Guess who's mother is having a birthday?!?
Mine is!!! 
Happy Birthday Mom!
We spent three hours doing this crazy fun birthday mani while binge watching episodes of Poldark. Have you seen it? You should. Because...
Image result for poldark
 Anyway, and mom's nails turned out super fun. I can't decide which nail I like the best. The candles? The jimmies?The cupcake???
I used: TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish Pink Smoothie, Gelish Gossip Girl (my favorite nail color) Gelish Anime-zing color and all the pinks and purples I could find for the artwork. It was a lot! 
If I were to do another birthday mani, I would probably choose one or two of these designs and just do a couple of artsy fingers instead of the entire enchilada, but it was fun. 

This is my manicure this week. Just black and white stamped chevrons on top of clear gel. I love how this turned out. I think I might even do it again! 
I love how my natural nails look under the stamping. I'm not a huge fan of neutrals but this is still funky enough to satisfy, but cool enough to be hip. I dunno. I just like it. 

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See you Monday!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ombre Glitter Butterflies and what not

I was pretty light on nails this week but I still managed to do some fun stuff. 
This first one is one of the most complex manicures I think I've ever done. 
After prepping the nails, I started with a base color of two coats of white. (TruGel Marshmallow) Then I used a nice bright yellow, orange and hot pink on a makeup sponge to create the pretty ombre effect which I did twice to get good color saturation. After that I covered it with a glittery coat of Gelish Vegas Nights for some sparkle. Most of the nails were done and ready for a top coat at that point but a few of them were hand painted as butterfly wings. The wings look a little intimidating but really, they weren't as hard as I thought. 
Pretty, right? 

Here are my nails for the week. I have a hard time deciding what to do sometimes so for this manicure, I didn't decide. I just piked out the very brightest colors I have and went for it. Life is too short to be boring. 
 I know, its a lot of color. The brighter, the better!
I used, Gelish I'm brighter than you, Gelish Make you Blink Pink, TruGel Electric Purple, Finger Paints Appetite for the Archetype, Gelish Radiance is my middle name, Gelish Amazon Flirt and Orly Glowstick. 

And I painted my toes with TruGel Electric Purple. Which I am LOVING! Is it pink? Is it purple? I don't know! But it has a very subtle shimmer to it and looks amazing in the sunshine. I love it. 
p.s. I had to take these pics with my Saltwater Sandals on because of the terrible tan lines I have from wearing them all summer. Ooops. 

 Here are my Maggie Lou's nails. She wanted hearts and strawberries, Of course! 
I use regular polish on kiddos as the gel just doesn't adhere very well. These mini manis are super quick and I love seeing all the crazy things they pick out. 

The last one today are neon half moons modeled by my mother. 
These are cool because the technique is exactly the same as for a French Mani, just way higher on the nail. pretty simple and very versatile. I love playing with the classics!
 I used, TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish I'm Brighter than You and ASP Blue Crush. 

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See you Monday!