Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to school and Dr. Who!

My little girl started first grade last week. She was SOOOO exited! So we figured we better do some nails to celebrate. 
So we decided on a fun red apple theme. 
For my nails, I used Gelish Hot Rod Red, and TruGel Marshmallow. 
for hers I had a regular polish red that was pretty close and a regular white as well. mine are gelpolish, hers are just nail polish but I think they match pretty well anyway. 

And here is another back to school design. I LOVE how this one turned out! But which is your favorite, the notebook paper? Chalk board? Apple? Ruler? 

For this, I used Gelish Hot Rod Red, Gelish Black Shadow, TruGel Marshmallow, and ASP Sparkler. For the art work I used all gelpolish in whatever colors I could find. 

Aren't they adorable???

Dr. Who Nails!!!
You may not be able to tell, but yes, that is a time vortex you're seeing. 
With a mini Tardis. 
I used, Gelish After Dark, Gelish Ocean Wave, Gelish Arctic Freeze and Gelish Casmere Kind of Gal. to create the time vortex, I used a tutorial for tie dye nails that seemed pretty close. 

For this last manicure I took a million pictures and they all turned out so pretty that I just had to post them all. 
And also, THAT RING!!!
So Pretty!!!
For this Manicure, I used Gelish Gossip Girl (favorite color!) and then a touch of Gelish Pink Smoothie and Gelish Artic Freeze. 

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See you Monday!

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