Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ombre Glitter Butterflies and what not

I was pretty light on nails this week but I still managed to do some fun stuff. 
This first one is one of the most complex manicures I think I've ever done. 
After prepping the nails, I started with a base color of two coats of white. (TruGel Marshmallow) Then I used a nice bright yellow, orange and hot pink on a makeup sponge to create the pretty ombre effect which I did twice to get good color saturation. After that I covered it with a glittery coat of Gelish Vegas Nights for some sparkle. Most of the nails were done and ready for a top coat at that point but a few of them were hand painted as butterfly wings. The wings look a little intimidating but really, they weren't as hard as I thought. 
Pretty, right? 

Here are my nails for the week. I have a hard time deciding what to do sometimes so for this manicure, I didn't decide. I just piked out the very brightest colors I have and went for it. Life is too short to be boring. 
 I know, its a lot of color. The brighter, the better!
I used, Gelish I'm brighter than you, Gelish Make you Blink Pink, TruGel Electric Purple, Finger Paints Appetite for the Archetype, Gelish Radiance is my middle name, Gelish Amazon Flirt and Orly Glowstick. 

And I painted my toes with TruGel Electric Purple. Which I am LOVING! Is it pink? Is it purple? I don't know! But it has a very subtle shimmer to it and looks amazing in the sunshine. I love it. 
p.s. I had to take these pics with my Saltwater Sandals on because of the terrible tan lines I have from wearing them all summer. Ooops. 

 Here are my Maggie Lou's nails. She wanted hearts and strawberries, Of course! 
I use regular polish on kiddos as the gel just doesn't adhere very well. These mini manis are super quick and I love seeing all the crazy things they pick out. 

The last one today are neon half moons modeled by my mother. 
These are cool because the technique is exactly the same as for a French Mani, just way higher on the nail. pretty simple and very versatile. I love playing with the classics!
 I used, TruGel Marshmallow, Gelish I'm Brighter than You and ASP Blue Crush. 

Thanks for reading, 

See you Monday!

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  1. Such pretty nails. Your nails are my favorite!!