Sunday, August 16, 2015

French Tips, Rhinestones, Glitter and HOT PINK!

 Don't you wish that was describing just one manicure?!? 
I know I do!

This was a fun nails week. from basic, to complex I really love all these manis. 
The first is on the lovely Kim, whose nails probably even look great after 3 hours of gardening with no gloves. But still, I may have helped a little ;)
For this standard French Manicure, I used Gelish Arctic Freeze and Simple Sheer. Always classy. 

 These nails are a little more complex but I love how they turned out. AND she let me use rhinestones! Yahoo! 
For this Mani, I used Gelish Party at the palace (love!) and Gelish Arctic Freeze. 
I hand painted the lace and dots and topped it off with some extra sparkle. Courtney has lovely nails so it was pretty easy to make this look fantastico!

It was really hard to get a decent picture of this lovely ivory and gold mani. The camera just doesn't do justice to how pretty it turned out.
I used OPI My Vampire is Buff, Gelish Meet the King, Gelish All that Glitters is Gold and some old grocery store gold polish that stamps really well.
While it looks intricate, stamping is actually one of the quicker nail art techniques. And I think it was perfect for this manicure. 
I should have named this post "Pretty Hands and Nails" because seriously, look how nice her nails are! Thanks Andrea!

 Last but not least is my mom's mani for the week. HOT PINK! What a fantastic end of summer color! 
Sometimes we just need to go bold! 
I used TruGel EZ Flow Electric Purple for this. 
When you go in the sun, this color has the faintest sparkle to it that really gives it something extra. I'm LOVING it!

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See You Monday!

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